Planting Potatoes: the definitive guide

Potato Bags

Potato planter and storage bags


Growing potatoes has never been easier using Planter Bags or Polypots.  Once harvested, store your  potatoes ready for eating in our JBA branded Hessian Sacks.


Potato Planter Bags are ideal for the keen gardener who is short on space or who wants to grow potatoes out of season on their patio or other suitable places.

You can grow bumper crops of potatoes in these handy 40 litre potato planters and pick your crop as you need them.

These bags are re-usable due to their strength and quality and have proper drainage holes built in.


Polypots are a new innovation in growing potatoes.  These are light weight and re-usable pots. The added bonus of the polypot is that they are designed to be placed into soil and can be grown like conventional potatoes would in your garden but there is very little digging.

You can buy polypots that you plant 1 potato in and grow great crops of potatoes. I grew my potatoes this way in the garden and averaged 2.5kg of potatoes per bag.


Hessian Sacks these top quality JBA branded hessian sacks can hold 25kg/56lbs of potatoes.  These excellent quality sacks allow your potatoes to breathe, so avoids any sweating during storage.

Chitting potatoes for planting